IndustrieOptikFischer was established in Wetzlar in 2003 aiming to satisfy the industrial needs in all areas concerning technical optic products and support. Our products range from simple magnification devices up to complex optical measuring systems involving for instance eyepieces for angular measuring, objectives, special microscopes and telescopes.

IOF possesses more than 25 years of technical experience with our forerunning companies Erdmann & Gruen, Gruen Optics and FFT. With this experience we develop and build high quality products and solve innovation and know-how problems for manufacturers of industrial optics, sensor technology and precision engineering.

We provide components and sub-assemblies for both conventional optics and laser technology, objectives and systems for surveying thermal processes, special constructions and customer specific appliances for optical measurements and quality control.



Due to our location in Wetzlar, one of the best known areas for industrial optics in Germany, our experienced staff provides the necessary advice and creativity to solve customer specific problems.

In collaboration with research institutes and commercial enterprises we have been successfully developing, building and introducing to the market a number of special optical appliances.

Because of our deeply grounded research & development and production know-how, the IOF team is a valuable business partner in industrial optics, located in Wetzlar, Germany, a famous location for optical engineering.